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Search Engine Marketing

A service dedicated to increasing the visibility/ranking of your website among the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). SEM is a broad discipline inclusive of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which refers to tweaking the content using specific target words or keywords to enhance the site rankings on the search engine. SEM also includes web analytics tools, HTML validators, generating backlinks along with paid inclusion services such as Google AdWords which means it takes care of growth and popularity of your website among search engines both organically as well as through paid promotions.

Social Media Marketing

The social media frenzy is here to stay and we among several other businesses realize the power of engaging potential customers through the channels of Social Media. However, not many businesses succeed on social without proper analytics tools and creative marketing strategies. Our social media services range from planning a whole new brand launch campaign from scratch, engaging new users, developing and maintaining an audience, analyzing and responding to user-generated content (comments, retweets, replies). In addition to this we also specialize in planning, designing and running advertisements through engaging, creative content to promote brand values/premium products and services through social in the field of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

In a nutshell, content marketing is basically producing highly marketable content which has been designed to develop, maintain and engage a specified target audience This targeted audience is prompted to drive a profitable customer action via calls to action techniques. Content Marketing is valuable for a business which hopes to achieve widespread popularity and growth since it ensures frequenting, loyal and engrossed customers who are constantly looking for your brand’s products/services. Content marketing has been proven to 1) Increase sales, 2) Be Cost Saving and 3) Drive more loyal, authentic and paying customers.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, Email marketing is basically marketing premium products and services of a business in a promotional manner to a either a database of users or to a purchased lead list via Email. Email Marketing can be used to apply a personal touch to promote brand awareness and generate loyalty apart from pushing products and services. Email marketing is great not only because of the personal touch or customer engagement, it works because it has performance tracking analytics and return on investment (ROI) tracking for businesses as well . Email marketing can also serve as a testing field for different types of engagement content to survey what content drives users towards a purchase.

Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots have been deemed to be the future of marketing . These are basically computer-generated programs based on AI(Artificial Intelligence). Chatbots can use a database of response techniques to make a seamless experience for the customers by interacting with them . Chatbots are multi-purpose since they can handle inbound marketing queries to drive customer action for their desired products as well as handling outbound marketing to generate brand awareness and shape the brand value in front of potentially paying customers. Apart from this, chatbots can handle after sale servicing and customer support as well making them almost indispensable in the years to come.

Event Marketing

Event marketing can be a great tool to not only promote a Businesses’ event but it can be viewed as an opportunity to promote brand values and increase brand awareness. Today event marketing has become a combination of both guerilla marketing techniques as well as outreach among the virtual world to make it a success. Apart from the basic services of ensuring a particular amount of attendees, we specialize in ensuring a great value for attendance for the attendees. The value which the audience get is over and above the standardized products and services and ensures a true ‘experience’ which cements your brands value with the customers and audience for a long time.

Design and Branding

Your brand value / objectives / goals and the value you put out there for potential customers is one of the pivotal deciding factors for success of a business. It can be hard for businesses to establish a particular brand identity even though their products and services could be exceptionally valuable to customers which will not serve any benefits. We specialize in branding , designing and putting your business on the map with a set goal, brand identity and brand name which users / customers relate to , cherish and return back as loyal customers.


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