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Advanced Level Django Dev

Monimo specializes in expert software design and development in Django framework for Python.The framework follows a Model-View-Template type design. Our developers are well-versed in the framework which is used for complex database-driven websites in a lightweight and smooth web experience.Django has been chosen as our primary web platform because of its reusability and ‘pluggability’ of code components which makes it easier to work with as well as ensures less errors giving a solid foundation to your website.Along with websites, CRM(Customer Relationship management) systems, CMS (Content Management Systems), E-commerce stores can also be designed for existing websites to provide additional functionality for these web platforms.

Mobile App Development

Mobile data has been projected to be at its tipping point which implies that all new data consumption comes from mobile devices. 33% of users get information about products and services through mobile apps hence there is no doubt that mobile apps are among one of the best ways to give information about / sell products and services to consumers. At Monimo, we strive to provide some of the most elegant mobile app solutions for iOS as well Android systems to help you revolutionize your business.

Website development

Monimo recognizes that web experience is as pivotal if not more than a steady web traffic to your website . Hence, we help design attractive frontend applications along with a strong and solid backend system for your website .This amalgamation of expert frontend and backend designs helps make the websites light, smooth to access and complaint to any mobile device such as tabs, smartphones,desktops pcs etc. A smooth customer journey experience in an easy and fast to load website ensures total satisfaction of your consumers/visitors .

IT setup for Startups

In today’s market , almost every new business/startup needs ‘the IT guys’. Thankfully, we as a startup, already went ahead and found solutions for these problems and now specialize in providing your startup the necessary equipment , tools from email suites to carefully crafted packages which will serve all your new businesses’ IT requirements instantly.In addition to saving a lot of time, this IT setup will help you get up and running in the virtual world ready to serve and provide value to the economy.


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